Sitevision module in Marketplace offers a module in the Sitevision Marketplace where you can test our product for free, but also upgrade to the full version.

Where can i find the module?

The module can be downloaded from Sitevision Marketplace (opens in a new tab).

What does the module in Sitevision offer?

By using the module, you have full access to all the functions that offers but without having to enter any code, everything can instead be added via the app's interface. automates parts of the web analysis and continuously learns how and when the website is used in different ways. With the help of that understanding, the AI ​​gives each visitor a personalized view with links, news or other content that you want to present on your site.

The module can be used in a limited free version or in an upgraded premium version that we activate when you install the app for the first time. After the trial period, the module is automatically downgraded to free.